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House Roast: Fazenda Rainha Estate: Pulped Natural Micro-lot (Brazil)

House Roast: Fazenda Rainha Estate: Pulped Natural Micro-lot (Brazil)
Origin Brazil
Region Alto Moggiana region, Sao Paulo state
Farm / Coop Fazenda Rainha
Altitude 3,600 ft.
Varietals Yellow Bourbon (100%)
Processing Honey / Pulped Natural
Certifications n/a
Cup Notes Spicy flavors of cinnamon, pumpkin pie, black tea, black cherry, bergamot, jasmine. Lively, crisp, tangy pineapple acidity. Silky, creamy mouth feel, with long, multidimensional and pleasant aftertaste. This coffee was processed using the pulped natural, or "honey method", combining wet and dry processing techniques for a unique flavor profile.


These coffee beans, processed using the "natural" method, come from Fazenda Rainha (Queen Farm), the #1 place winner in the 2011 Brazil Cup Of Excellence competition. We bought these coffee beans directly from the farm, as with all our coffees.

Fazenda Rainha has about 280 hectares planted with coffee, about 200 of which are dedicated to the farm's flagship varietal: Yellow Bourbon. Nelson and Eleni visited the farm in July of 2011, and again in January 2013, cupped many samples, discussed coffee production with farm management and met with workers and their children while walking the coffee plantations. The farm was owned by a five-generation coffee growing family, the Carvalho Diaz family, since 1890, but it was sold in 2010 to Luis Roberto Marin, the well-known owner of Rede Globo, one of the largest TV groups in Brazil. We are happy to report that the change of ownership has not affected the traditional quality of the farm's coffee products.

At the farm, because of topography, coffee cherries are hand-picked (with the help of a hand tool) and collected on a cloth to keep them from touching the ground. Once they are harvested, they are spread out on a flat surface to dry in full sun. The drying is done over a 7-10 day period, until 11% moisture content is reached. After drying, the coffee is kept in special wooden silos at the farm's warehouse for resting (reposo). This "natural" process is the most common in Brazil, and makes these coffee beans popular for espresso blends because of its ability to provide floral hints and rich crema.

All farm employees live on the farm, eliminating the need for temporary workers. They enjoy free health insurance and public education at the farm's local school. Teacher salaries are covered by the State, the rest is covered by the farm. We visited the beautiful Oscar Niemeyer-designed chapel (large enough to be a church) which was built and is used by the employees. Sitting atop a ridge, the chapel is quite a sight. Fazenda Rainha was a finalist in the Cup of Excellence competition in 2000, 2001, 2005-2011, in the top ten group in most years, and the #1 place winner in 2011!

Check out the area around award-winning Fazenda Rainha farm, in the Alto Moggiana region of Brazil for yourself, here:

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